How is your pelvis in relationship with your head?

I got a reply to my “answer” on DaoCloud (see Monday’s blog post) regarding using the 9 Essentials of NeuroMovement® in learning at any age. Here’s my reply to the new question.

Reply: thanks Phoebe! what do you mean by "How is your pelvis in relationship with your head?"

Phoebe: Great Question! In this case I included this question so that you have the opportunity to get curious about the dynamic relationship of your head vs your pelvis in space. The suggestion certainly peaked your curiosity! Getting curious is essential for learning! You can practice curiosity and then throw in some Enthusiasm (another NeuroMovement® Essential) for your new learning. Your brain will start to recognize that this is important new information, will make all sorts of new connections and will retain the information more readily. :)

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