Clarity of Thought, Creativity, Problem Solving, Action.

 A NeuroMovement student of mine attended an Introduction to NeuroMovement® workshop that I presented earlier this year. This client is an internationally renowned Visual Artist who is at the top of her field. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States and internationally, in Iceland, the UK, and Germany. She also coaches/teaches/guides art students at the graduate student level.

I heard from her a few days after the workshop as she wanted to share an experience she’d had.

She recounted to me that she had previously offered to give a lecture on Renaissance Art to her daughter’s 7th grade class. As a fulltime professional visual artist she had never actually given an Art History lecture before. Since the lecture wasn’t for a few months and her own work was very busy, her lecture preparation had only included borrowing books from the library. She “hadn’t started working on it, or even thinking about it much.”

She woke up 2 days after the NeuroMovement® workshop…

“with practically a complete plan and vision of how it would all go down and actually had the time and discipline to write it all down”.

Her brilliant, freshly-organized mind had created and calculated the vision and the plan! She was surprised to have such clarity of thought, capacity for problem solving, and creativity in a field (Renaissance Art lectures) where she was NOT an expert AND her new neural organization resulted in taking decisive action.

“It seemed remarkable to me” she said, and “now that you mention it I have been having more vivid dreams. And it’s been awhile since I’ve had those.”

With the power of NeuroMovement® may we all discover more organized brains and reap the benefits of …

increased clarity of thought,


problem solving and

direct action.