Dear Phoebe,

Does the title of this post sound like you might be reading an advice column? Well, I’ve been wondering if I should make that happen. I have just recently joined a “Social Wellness Network”. It is intended to help practicing healing-arts professionals and potential clients find each other. It is called DaoCloud (this links to my profile) and I am hoping all the people who need NeuroMovement® have an easier time discovering it and me!

Here’s how Daocloud explains it’s purpose…

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for every human being on the planet. DaoCloud is the company for wellness evangelists.

If you have been a student of mine (or their parent!) I would love it if you would take a moment of your day to endorse me :). People searching for alternative choices to enhance their wellness love reading reviews and endorsements!!

If you are a practitioner and would like to join, contact me and I’ll set you up!

One thing that is fun on Daocloud is that anyone can ask health related questions and anyone can answer them. I decided to try out my hand at “wellness advice column writing”. What do you think? :)

question from a Daocloud user-

What can I do to learn faster? I feel like as I get older, learning gets more difficult. So what can I do to open my mind and absorb knowledge quicker and easier?

Brilliant Movement’s answer

Using the "9 Essentials for NeuroMovement®" will provide optimal conditions for a big upgrade in your brain and your learning.  Start with a few. Combine them as you like!

1. Notice what you are doing already- feel what you are experiencing . Notice how you are sitting right now. How is your pelvis in relationship with your head?

 2. Go Slowly (I know you want to go fast but trust me, your brain wants slow) so you can notice new things. When you know what you are doing you can go faster. If you go fast, you'll only do what you already know.

 3. Go gently. Forcing anything will put your brain in survival mode. (I know we hear "no pain, no gain" as a solution to things but this is your brain you are dealing with!) The brain likes easeful information. Don't bite off too much at a time. get your brain in gear by being gentle at first so you can start to notice what you know and what you don't know. When you can notice differences in anything, you are more intelligent about that thing. Notice differences-Get intelligent!!

 4. Don't slog away at one topic or activity. Bring some variety into your learning. Maybe one time you read a book about your subject and the next time you listen to a pod-cast about it while going for a walk. Maybe you read your book upside down!!

There are more Essentials but these ones will start to get your brain in gear!!

 It is not too late. Your brain is designed to make new connections and learn your entire life. :)

yours truly, Phoebe.

This is so fun!

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