Question submitted!

You may remember that I am trying my hand at doling out advice about NeuroMovement®. I suggested in my post of last Monday that I was open to receiving questions. I am happy to say that I got my first question!! Luckily the answer to this question is practical and might be of great interest to you too!! Here is the question…

Question: I'm interested in your remote classes. How does it work?

Answer: My current model for remote classes involves you attending my regularly scheduled in-person group class on Fridays at 11 AM except you are in your own space. Here’s what you do.

1. Sign up on-line to participate.

2. In your space you arrange for a place big enough for you to lie on the floor

3. You provide a blanket to lie on, any supports (rollers/pillows/garden kneelers/flat pillows/books- for behind your knees and/or behind your head) that will help you to feel comfortable on the floor.

4. I send you a link to join the class

5. You make sure that your computer/tablet/phone camera can see you (so I can see you too!)

6. We all do NeuroMovement® together at 11 on Fridays!!

Note: As this is an experimental time for my Remote Classes there is no fee for Remote participants until further notice.

Other Remote access NeuroMovement offerings coming soon!

Stay tuned!!