This weekend I had the opportunity to listen to a replay of a lecture and movement lesson with Feldenkrais Trainer Jeff Haller. This was thanks to Tiffany Sankary of Movement And Creativity. She is a wonderful and generous resource and invites other Feldenkrais practitioners as guests in her programming. I enjoyed listening to Jeff’s musings about the Feldenkrais Method (Feldenkrais Method is the source material for Anat Baniel Method/NeuroMovement®). I was glad to be reminded about how this work (Feldenkrais/NeuroMovement®) can be used for healing Trauma.

Trauma is what happens when a person does not have the personal resources to “meet” an event.

When you encounter situations which are “triggers” for your nervous system, what is your response? How potent are your resources to “meet” the event again?

Many of us feel like our emotions and habits are unchangeable. However, our emotions and habits are LEARNED.

We have the capacity to learn, unlearn and relearn our whole lives. This is our evolutionary advantage as humans.

When we want to be different than we are presently we need to access our brain’s innate capacity to change. We need to find out what we are actually doing and then, and only then, can we do something about it. When we know what we are doing we can do what we want.

The masterful movement lessons and approach found in Feldenkrais/NeuroMovement® can bring us to a place where our brains can make sense of the disorganization of our nervous system. Our brains can start to make sense out of the non-sense, put order into the disorder which (in this case) manifests as Trauma.

I look forward to helping you find the resources within yourself to overcome the habits and traumas that have shaped your life and that can limit your happiness and potency.