2019 NeuroMovement® for Kids in Portland OR

Happy Holiday season NeuroMovement® friends and supporters!

2019 is gearing up to be a great one for new learning. In the spirit of our ever evolving brains the NeuroMovement® practitioners of Portland are evolving our own practices! Joanna is taking a break from our ABMNorthwest collaborations working with Children in 2019.

At the same time, Kathy and Phoebe are teaming up to offer something new! We are structuring our schedules in 2019 so that families can plan ahead and get the best outcomes for their students.

2019 includes a simplified, yet potent new offering scheduled 4 times per year.
Introducing . . .

Three for Three

3 Days. 3 Lessons/Day.

Nine - 25 Minute NeuroMovement® Lessons

One location

Two NeuroMovement® Practitioners

Follow Up Conversation and Support

Cost $720

We know that the intensive learning format is very powerful and that sometimes it is hard to carve out the time to schedule the lessons. The Three for Three is intended to be an opportunity for families to easily schedule a NeuroMovement® Intensive within a short amount of time. It is priced to reflect the shorter lesson time. Parent Education may be offered in 2019 but it will be scheduled separately from the Three For Three Lessons for Children.

Three for Three intensives will be offered on the following dates:

January 23-25 (Wed - Fri)

May 1-3 (Wed - Fri)

July 24-26 (Wed - Fri)

October 23-25 (Wed - Fri)

Three for Three location 9955 SE Washington St. Suite #220 Portland, OR 97216
Register now to hold your space:  Three for Three Registration

Three for Three Intensives are enthusiastically offered by NeuroMovement® professionals:

Phoebe MacRae - Brilliant Movement - 971-350-9636
Kathy Shean-Jones - MoveAbilities LLC - 971-350-9633

We’re looking forward to having your kids on our tables!!