Math? or NeuroMovement?

A couple weeks ago I attended “Back to school night” at my son’s high school. I expected to at least set my eyes on his teachers and learn a bit about the routes he takes around his school going from class to class. I did meet most of his teachers and I got to hear about their plans for the year ahead. I agree with his evaluations of the quality of the presentation styles he is subjected to every day. I also got to experience that feeling of not knowing how to get from A to B to C.

However, one never knows what the most important lesson to take away from this sort of experience/parenting ritual. I think this year it might be some text I saw on the wall of his Geometry class speaking very powerfully about Math. Of course I saw the words as a description of something else - NeuroMovement. I decided to try out my new skills of meme creation to share them with you!