Pain Awareness Month

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September is “Pain Awareness Month”. I don’t know why it is September but maybe it’s because September is a time when new things start in many people’s lives. It is a time of transitions, new beginnings, starting fresh. These experiences can be very painful.

I am sure that the creators of “Pain Awareness Month” were thinking of physical pain when they created this focus in September. Maybe the awareness around physical pain will inspire people to come for some movement lessons with me- either to get out of pain or stay out!

The kind of pain I am experiencing right now is the pain of learning the technical side of business building. I am striving to get the word out about NeuroMovement® and I’m on a steep learning curve about all things social-media. I’m also employing good old-fashioned spread-the-word tactics and talking about NeuroMovement® as much as possible. Some of these processes feel pretty painful!

Since Pain is a message from the Nervous System to the brain that something needs to be different, I am going to use the 9 Essentials of NeuroMovement® to help make that change around the pain I am having. The Essential that I need today is Enthusiasm. Celebrating the small changes- not as a cheerleader but as a positive energy force that propels the learning. I am celebrating all that I have learned so far and am confident that the more I differentiate around what I know the more intelligent I will be!