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Phoebe MacRae’s Anat Baniel Method work with our son has been miraculous. His behavior challenges have decreased, his food aversions have abated, his aggression has lessened, he SLEEPS through the night, yet, most of all, we have renewed hope for our son. Autism and ADHD doesn’t have to impede him from happiness, in his life, or within our family.
— BK, Portland, OR

Phoebe’s class was a terrific invitation and challenge to switch out of auto-pilot multi-task mode, and instead practice being deeply present, aware, and focused on my experience in the moment. I have no doubt that practicing this sort of attentiveness on a regular basis would have profound positive implications for both my personal relationships, my spiritual life, and my pastoral functioning.
— Rev Sylvia Miller-Mutia, Berkeley, CA
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After his first lesson he began tolerating riding in his car seat. IMMEDIATELY following his first lesson. I have been a prisoner in my own home for 8 months because he would not last for 3 minutes without becoming absolutely inconsolable, arching and cutting off his air supply, having seizures, etc. Today we traveled 90 miles with just a break to drink a bottle.
— LB- mother of a child with multiple diagnoses, including cerebral palsy and seisure conditions. Dayton, WA

I have historically walked around with a low-level anxiety/anticipatory anxiety. Something shifted here. Really, something big shifted. All of a sudden, I found myself with nothing to do on Friday where typically I would be going over my bottomless “to-do” list. I hosted a big annual event on Tuesday that would have typically had me anxious and not fully present. There was no anxiety/worry going into it, and I was present in a way I haven’t been in the past. I really can’t attribute this paradigm shift to anything else. I am inspired.
— Sally A-S
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