ADULT Private NeuroMovement® Lessons

    In a NeuroMovement® Lesson for Adults I use movement (the language of the brain) to organize and guide your nervous system to new levels of comfort, flexibility, creativity and possibility. I use my hands and/or my words to guide you. Lessons are individually designed for the comfort and safety of the student. Lessons take place on a treatment table, on a mat on the floor, in a chair or in standing. Students are fully clothed in their own non-restrictive clothing.

All private Brilliant Movement Lessons can include Auricular (ear) No-Needle acupuncture to support your healing.

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CHILDREN Private NeuroMovement® Lessons

 NeuroMovement® Lessons for Children are individually designed to meet the child where they are and to guide their nervous system to new places and possibilities. With the child’s comfort and safety a priority, Phoebe uses movement (the language of the brain) to understand what the child can do and introduces them to new possibilities of ability in their body, their cognition and their emotional regulation. Lessons take place fully clothed on a treatment table or on the floor. Parents/Caregivers are present and observe the lesson to maximize the power of the learning. Children get very hungry doing brain work so bring a snack for you child (even if they have just eaten!)

All private Brilliant Movement Lessons can include Auricular (ear) No-Needle acupuncture to support your healing.

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Group classes are for people able to follow verbal instruction

Classes available in Portland, OR and Remotely Via your internet connected device.

Nervous System ReBoot
With a group of other people seeking balance, connection, freedom from pain, renewal and a sense of wellness, you will be guided to explore your movement. On the floor on a soft mat or in a chair you will be guided through a series of gentle movements which will wake up your brain and nervous system to new function and possibilities.

Movement Spa
Many people want to enjoy their lives more. Are you looking to slow down or stop the chaos of your hectic life. Are you looking for balance, freedom from pain and for a sense of purpose? Pamper your brain and make a renewed connection with your nervous system to bring relief from everyday stresses and difficulties.


NeuroMovement® for Healing, Balance, Flexibility and Empowerment
In this 2 hour workshop you will learn how NeuroMovement® is a powerful tool for anybody at any age. In this Introductory Workshop you will learn about the theory and science behind the practice. You will experience first hand the power of NeuroMovement® in your own body and start to understand how to Move Better and Feel Better.

NeuroMovement® for Educators and Other Inquisitive Brains
As Humans we learn our experience. How that experience is presented can radically change what our brains learn. As educators, parents and caregivers we want the best for our students and children. In this 3 hour workshop you will experience first hand what it is like to use NeuroMovement® in your own learning experience. You will be able to learn tools to optimize outcomes for your students and children.

Nervous System ReBoot (Camp)! Coming soon!!

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